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This week, the Dark to Light Podcast brings you a smorgasbord of a show! We start out by talking with the latest #FakeNews headline out of the Miami Herald. Trump is pictured with the FORMER owner of the spa chain where Patriots owner Kraft was arrested and the Herald attempts to make it appear as though Trump and she were guilty of wrongdoing somehow.

Next, we move on to Michael Cohen and his lovely ten hour meeting with Adam Schiff before his testimony in front of the committee and a quick discussion about John Brennan and Robert Mueller wanting to avoid releasing anything damning on the “Ides of March,” and we really dissect the Twitter/Tim Pool/Joe Rogan interview. We talk about the hidden message inside of this interview, and what it means for a truly “free” speech platform moving forward, and is someone controlling Jack?

Finally, things get a bit controversial, as Frank and Beanz share their thoughts on the Resolution put forth by the Democrats, originally meant to “disavow” anti-semetism but turning into a watered down version of a Kindergarten lesson. That isn’t all though. Who is Ilhan Omar and where is her philosophy rooted?

You will want to hear all of this and more on this weeks “Dark to Light” podcast!

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3 Responses

  1. garry pollack

    F&B BDS is not about “free speech…” it is basically like the old mafia “protection” racket… Islamists will go into stores & “inform” & “educate” shop keepers, which really R intimidations…. Shop keepers don’t want trouble…so rather than debate these 2 or 3 people they politely agree to “stop supporting the occupation…” Just check out pics of brown shirts in front of Jewish shops in the 1930’s…If they cud get away w/that they wud… Is any other country in the world being BDSed….NOT!
    & don’t worry about ure sincere & honest opinions being interpreted as anti semetic. I listen to both of U guys on ure platforms…religiously! so sfter awhile anybody’s true self is going to come thru…& U R both “good guys!”


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