Leveling The Playing Field: Photographer/Author Kate T. Parker

This week’s episode of Leveling The Playing Field is with Kate T. Parker. Kate is a photographer whose series of photographs titled Strong is the New Pretty went viral in 2015 after a failed gallery showing. The response was tremendous and she has since turned the series into a book called “Strong Is The New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves.” From there, she has released a guided journal for girls by the same name. In 2019, her next book, “The Heart Of A Boy: Celebrating The Strength And Spirit Of Boyhood,” will be released. Kate’s story is all at once unique and typical. She was an athlete all throughout her life, worked in TV/media, and then, as a stay at home mom, took up photography.

This week, Bobbi-Sue and Kate talk about how Kate ended up with her own photography business, how failure drove her to push harder, and why our boys need space to be vulnerable just as much as our girls need to find their strength.

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