Leveling The Playing Field: Fatimah Hussein & Jamie Glover, Co-Founders Of Asiya

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! On this week’s show, Bobbi-Sue talks about some of the things/people she’s grateful for and she geeks out about the new planner she ordered for 2019. This is our first multi-guest episode and for really good reason. The co-founders of Asiya, Fatimah Hussein and Jamie Glover, join Bobbi-Sue to talk about the company they started to provide women with sports hijabs. Both women have fascinating backgrounds and by chance came together to create a company that has an immediate impact on young girls and women who want to participate in sport but maintain their modest belief system. We learn a lot about the barriers to participation in sport for Muslim women and girls through their story. In addition, we learn how we can help open more opportunities for young Muslim girls to participate by sponsoring athletes through their company. Also, the women are sharing something special with all of you so listen all the way to the end.

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