Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Fraud & The Fight

On today’s episode of “Dark to Light,” Frank and Beanz are joined by a special guest who is home from school for the day because she ate a hot sausage that caused an outbreak, and they get right down to business. The frustration is palpable. They talk in depth about the rampant election fraud plaguing our great nation right now, and the horrific political climate we find ourselves in. With elections in jeopardy from outright THEFT in several states, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona, Frank and Beanz let their feelings be known. There’s no holding back in this one.

Next, they speak about our new Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and Beanz goes through some of the background on him. It is clear the gloves are off as we move into the second half of President Donald Trump’s term, and there are signs everywhere that declassification and accountability will be at the forefront.

They couldn’t end the show without some discussion about “journa”.. we mean ACTIVISM taking the stage, and they discuss Acosta and the mockery he makes of the profession, decorum in front of a President, and all of the other news surrounding it.

It is a fiery show, with some comic relief mixed in and you don’t want to miss it!


Tracy Beanz shares where Helga was born

Tracy Beanz’s Thread on Matthew Whitaker

Tracy Beanz Video on Matthew Whitaker

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  1. Divine Hammer

    I loved the addition of Comrade Helga. The youth will lead us to their glorious Future!


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