Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Analysis & Election Day

On today’s episode of “Dark to Light,” Frank and Beanz are back in the saddle together, talking about all of the news that’s fit to err… mock? They start with a quick recap of the #WalkAwayMarch in all of its inclusion and glory, and quickly get into analysis, covering George Papadopoulos’ recent record breaking tweets as well as the theories surrounding what his initial role may or may not have been. Who was he working for? Was he oblivious to what was happening around him? What will his interview with Dan Bongino look like?

Then, they move into some interesting discussion about Roger Stone, who has been a focus of the Special Counsel lately. The New York Times had two pieces out yesterday which
raise questions about how close he actually was with the campaign. Why did Steve Bannon rebuke Stone so easily? Frank and Beanz move on to talk about the Project Veritas video exposing Beto in Texas, and Hurricane Frank sweeps in to educate us on some history regarding the 14th amendment and how (if at all) it applies to today’s world.

Finally, the team tackles some midterm election predictions and close out strong with their thoughts on what will be going down Tuesday. Also, President Trump tweets an homage to
“Game of Thrones”?!

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Beanz and Butina

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NBC News on Roger Stone and Robert Mueller

Trump Tweets GOT

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