Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: We’re Back & Ford Got Nothin’ On Us

Frank and Beanz ARE BACK from a brief hiatus and this show is definitely one not to miss!

They start off the show with an update on the #WalkAwayMarch and the hurricane in the Carolinas and they jump right back into the swing of things. What is going on with Donald Trump tweets and the declassification of documents? Does this have something to do with Brett Kavanaugh and the Democrats trying to stall the vote? Is there a deal being brokered behind the scenes and why are the Democrats ignoring Ellison’s accuser?

They move on to talk about the impact that pop culture has on politics, and they dive into the new censorship bills being pushed overseas and what the implications are here in America. After that, they move to George Papadopolous and Simona Mangiante and the startling tweets that P-Dop has been putting out there while appearing on numerous talk shows. What is the deal with the $10k payment to Papadopoulos by the “foreign” intelligence operative? Did Australia and the UK start spying in early April before the meeting with Joseph Mifsud? How does all of this play into the Papadopoulos is a plant versus a spy debate?

Moving on from there, they close the show by breaking some news from Devin Nunes, and closing with their thoughts on why these docs MUST be declassified ASAP, and in full.

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  1. Tony

    Have you heard of Mark Taylor and the Trump Prophecy? Perhaps it’s worth a listen. Check it out on YouTube or search Trump Prophecy


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