Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Cohen, Barr, & Gunn…..OH MY!

On this week’s episode of “Dark to Light,” Frank & Beanz discuss all the happenings with the backdrop of a crazy thunderstorm to set the mood. They start with a great deep dive into Michael Cohen, the disgraced Trump attorney who has been leaking inconsequential information all over the place.  They dive into a little bit of Rod Rosenstein and then the conversation moves to natural food and living, with the introduction of the shows very first sponsor! Sunbasket. Head over to sunbasket.com/DarktoLight to get $35 off your first purchase of fresh, farm to table recipes for you and your family.

Finally, they turn to culture and a great discussion about the Roseanne Barr interview and a thoughtful talk about what has been happening in Hollywood with James Gunn and his ilk.

It was a fantastic show and you get about 15 bonus minutes of content!

Again, we want to thank SunBasket for joining the Dark To Light family! Visit sunbasket.com/DarkToLight now to receive $35 off your first purchase of fresh, farm to table recipes that you and your family will absolutely love!

Tracy Beanz rants on YouTube, Censorship, James Gunn, and more
Washington Post on “Election Meddling”

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4 Responses

  1. Helene

    Thank you for this broadcast.
    What always disturbs me in people is the hypocrisy about eating meat/fish/animals.
    Why is it ok when you give them a healthy life, to shorten that life just because you can’t controle yourself? How about the pedos eating babies? What is the difference f.i. with eating lamb-chops??? Did they have a wonderful life before they were slaughtered? It stays taking the life of another creatures, be it a human or an animal. We all know by now that animals have the same feelings and emotions like we do. Would you eat your aunt? Would you eat your dog? Would you eat your cat? After giving them a wonderful life???


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