Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The IG Report and Splodey Heads

On this week’s episode of “Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz,” it’s all about the long awaited “Midyear Exam” IG Report. I mean, c’mon….. did you really think it wouldn’t be? We discuss the press response, what is in the report, and the culture surrounding it as a whole. We talk about how the country is ready to get back to the roots of liberty and how important it is that we begin the process of SHRINKING the federal government.

How did Chris Wray respond? What are the talking heads telling you to think? How frustrated are Frank and Tracy with how this has gone down? As the show progressed, we also got the breaking news that Paul Manafort will be heading off to the slammer as he awaits his trial.

We talk about this and so much more on the 7th episode of “Dark to Light” with Frank and Beanz!


The mysterious OIG Report
Manafort in Jail

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2 Responses

  1. Bryan

    Tracy your in-depth reporting and deep insight of these many issue is very informative and leaves me to dig and research any Questions I have regarding these fukn criminals. ACCOUNTABILITY IS WARRANTED

  2. Divine Hammer

    Great show, Frank & Beanz! I love my double daily dose on Fridays…keep em comin <3


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