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KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWIt has been a very busy spring here at Krush Performance as we work to spread the good word and help people work towards their goals. We love the questions and work to answer every message we get. So this week, I answer these questions as we dip into the Krush Mailbag to address some of the messages we have received over the last few weeks and answer these three questions:

“Krush, What are the Keys to Performance in Developmental Sport? I’d like to hear more about your presentation to that sport council you mentioned.”

• “Jeff, loved the Drunk & Stoned show. Now that CBD oil is off the Banned Substance list, is it safe? What does it do for you?”

• “What process does a substance go through to be taken off the banned substance list? It either helps performance or it does not. How does and why would the status change?”

• “Krusher, heard you mention your presentation to the road building company. What does a sports guy say to a construction company?”

Also this week, I’m going back to our “Drunk & Stoned” episode and all of the questions regarding CBD oil. I wanted to dig a little deeper into the implications of CBD oil being taken off of the World Anti Doping Agency’s Banned Substance List. To help us with this, we are joined by Rob Koehler, the Deputy General Director of the World Anti Doping Agency.

Finally, what does a sports guy have to say to a construction company? Listen, anywhere there are people working towards a goal or objective the fundamental principles of human performance can be applied, I’ll let you know what we talked about and why I believe every company, school and team should be having these conversations.

If you have any questions or a topic you would like us to investigate get to us, we may dedicate a segment or an entire episode to your topic.

Thanks for downloading! Pass the show on to your teammates, friends, and family and make sure to check out my new book “The Performance Plan” on Amazon.

Until next week, go get better.

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