Krush Performance: To Ice Or Not To Ice….That Is The Question!

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThe true benefits of icing injures, sore joints, bones and muscles has been an on going debate for years. This week, we lay it all out to give you the definitive answer! We talk with Gary Reinl, author of “ICED – The Illusionary Treatment Option”.

Also, as the baseball season gets kicks off, we talk shoulder care and injury prevention with physiotherapist Danielle Bles. I’ll let you know where you can check out a sample throwing program to give you an idea of how we like to prepare our pitchers for the season.

The Meltdown is on so join us as we get to the bottom of one of the most controversial topics in sport performance and injury management – Ice!

Pass the pod-cast on to your team-mates, coaches friends & family you may just save them a whole lot of hurt…literally.

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