Beyond The Badge: The Philadelphia Starbucks Controversy

BTB #1Last week, two black men were arrested in Philadelphia after being told to leave because they had not purchased anything and were loitering. Starbucks’ policy, as is the case with many companies, states that in order to use their restrooms or to hang out inside the store, a purchase must be made. That said, social media is in an uproar because it’s become a racial issue so much so the CEO of Starbucks has had to make a public apology and will close stores for half a day in May to go over store policies and race relations company wide.

On this episode of Beyond The Badge, Vincent Hill explains why this is anything but a race issue, why the police supervisor who was called in (who was also black) did the right thing by standing by his officers, what would have prevented the episode, and why he thinks this entire thing is politically motivated.

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