Leveling The Playing Field: Whitney Holtzman, President/CEO of Social Victories

Bobbi-Sue could not stop laughing during this interview. Whitney Holtzman is the President/CEO of Social Victories, a marketing and social media consulting company for those in the sports world. While the conversation is light and funny early on, the women get into a deep discussion regarding race towards the end.

Whitney has always taken the road less traveled when it comes to career choices. She started by interning with her local MLB team, moved on as a production assistant for Turner Sports and ESPN, parlayed the ESPN position into a position with the new ESPNW, and answered a craigslist ad for the job that would set her on the path to her current life. A social media expert, Whitney has not only worked for major brands like MLB but also for professional athletes and their businesses. She is now a go-to person for any athlete, sports organization, or business related to sports when it comes to social media and digital marketing strategy. If you’ve noticed an uptick in Instastories from the LTPF Instagram, you can thank Whitney!

Some of the names Whitney drops are big ones and the influence they’ve had on her career and personal life have been immense. Get ready to learn more about Brandon Marshall, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the RISE organization.

The moral of Whitney’s story thus far is “If you don’t know what you want to do, it’s OK, because my job didn’t exist when I was in high school.”

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