Dangerous Conversation: DC “The Megacast!!!!!”

DC POST IMAGEDon’t worry.I say to myself, “I’ll just do Dangerous Conversation late Wednesday night, release it Thursday morning, no problem.”

Question… What happens when you start doing your podcast at 10 o’clock at night right after you’ve eaten two very powerful sativa cookies and are drinking a six-pack of Coors Light?

The only thing I can use to describe this momentous broadcast is it will forever be known as the “Dangerous Conversation: MEGACAST!” Say it slowly…..MEG-A-CAST!!!

With the central running theme of “blessed are the whistle blowers,” there are a lot of examples of inspirational people bringing us bad news. Then suddenly, “I’s possessed and haunted by a ’60s DJ.”

Don’t miss this MEG-A-CAST!!! It’s part brilliant…part train wreck…all fun!

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