The Trump Attorney at Save America delves into what the hell is going on out there!!!; many Americans seeing through the Trump indictment sham; hypocrisy dealing with Trump vs. the Bidens; seeking to flip indicted Trump attorneys; why Joe Biden’s gotten away with his Ukraine shakedown; the Trump Derangement Syndrome dinner guest; Trump is a physical marvel, a machine; more Republican politicians learning they can’t cower to Democrats; Democrats’ radical agenda leading to shifting voters; making progress to insure 2024 election integrity. She authored the book, “Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story Of The 2020 Election And What It Means For 2024.”

Information for Christina Bobb:
Truth Social: @christinabobb
Twitter: @christina_bobb

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One Response

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    Thank You Gary For having Christina Bobb, Trump’s Attorney as your guest.

    Trump has spoken about the crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump said that the Ukrainian prosecutor Joe Biden had pushed to have fired Viktor Shokin, because he was “prosecuting” the company where Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma. This has been backed up on video tape for the world to see.

    To deflect the attention away from Hunter, Joe started having the DOJ go after Trump with phony indictments. So far Joe Biden’s gotten away with his Ukraine shakedown, his pushing the war in a money laundering scheme and his thumbing his nose at our Constitution.

    So finally China Joe has shown up at Maui and made as ass of himself showing the people how self centered he is. Don’t dems know Biden is mentally ill and has a crack head son?

    Sorry for getting off track Gary. I can’t express the misery China Joe has caused and we pray to God To Bless DJT and put Biden in prison for treason.

    Sincerely, Frances P Gillespie


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