Banter Is Coming: “The Winds Of Winter”

Banter LogoIt’s a sad day in the Seven Kingdoms. No, not because half of the cast died last week, it’s sad because this is also the last Banter Is Coming podcast of the season. 🙁

Well, if we’re going out, then we’re going out BIG! We had our buddy Seth Kushner from “Drew Garabo Live” on 102.5 The Bone in Tampa on with us to recap what many think was the greatest television episode of all time.

In the series finale:

  • Cercei gets her revenge…..BIG TIME!
  • Samwell Tarly nerds it up at The Citadel
  • There’s a new king in the north and one of us isn’t happy about it
  • An old favorite returns and the show’s biggest mystery gets resolved

…….and oh yeah…..pretty much everyone dies!


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