Dangerous Conversation: January 20, 2016

DC POST IMAGEThis week’s DC gave you motive, a money trail and forensic science to dispute 9/11….but that’s OK, keep living in your bubble. It’s safe in your bubble, huh? Skynyrd said it best. “Don’t ask me no questions and I won’t tell you no lies!”

Face it, 9/11 was THEE linchpin event of your life. Wars, Profits, Upheaval, The Patriot Act, Grandma’s groped at airports, The NSA spying on you…Everyone will come to several forks in their roads. Where will you turn? Will you be brave enough to even examine that day, or will you stay in your bubble?
Life doesn’t change when you make safe choices, it changes when you challenge the matrix. #followthemoney

Powerful people are directing the people of Earth’s direction. Will you be a sheep and lemming. Or will you have your Braveheart moment and say enough is enough? As Morpheus says: ” The choice is up to you”

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