We have a great show today! It’s the beginning of the journey of figuring out how to stay informed and still stay in joy! The news is brought, but we give a different perspective on the imprint YOU want to have while sharing it. Take what resonates, get rid of the rest. From Bird Flu to HAARP and even Nancy Pelosi, this show has IT ALL. Smile more!

BoyWithUke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giisqo8JZQ8
Mr. Wizard: https://twitter.com/LibertyJen/status/1789313382111424777
Pelosi put in her place: https://twitter.com/liz_churchill10/status/1789833169941733724
Did you get your fix from your conspiracy dealer today? https://twitter.com/VincentCrypt46/status/1789591207607210281
The bird flu jumping to humans… https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1789778075955200329
Or, is it? https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1789789577768554784

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