Play Ball!

The baseball season is upon us and as games kick off there is one thing that I can guarantee, Sport Medicine Clinics Coast to Coast will be Flooded with Elbow and Shoulder Injuries.

One of the Greatest Issues in Sport Today,

The Injury Trends In Baseball.

And not just at the professional level but at every level from the grassroots right up to professional Baseball.

On this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we search for answers and solutions to help you stay healthy and maximize your performance as we are joined by, Dr. Glenn Fleisig.

· Research Director at the American Sports Medicine Institute

· Past President, The American Baseball Biomechanics Society

· Injury Research Advisor, Major League Baseball

· Pitching Safety Consultant, Little League Baseball

Teams Spent Nearly $500 Million on pitchers who were injured over the 2022 MLB season and elbow surgeries are one of the fastest growing medical procedures in athletes….under 15 years of age!!!

We want answers and to get those answers we are going to have to ask questions.

Injury prevention MUST be a top priority when you are Creating Coachable Players.

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