We have some in depth analysis of the hearing on Monday in Murthy v. Missouri (Missouri v. Biden) and then we take a trip down memory lane to COVID. Then, its some of the good Dr. on Tucker, and we discuss a clip of Dr. McCullough on the shots. All in all a busy show today, and if you are ever driving a tractor down the road with a stick of butter in your pocket, watch out!

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Stossel: https://twitter.com/JohnStossel/status/1770095129098858565
Peter Navarro: https://uncoverdc.com/2024/03/20/navarro-sticks-to-principles-heads-to-miami-prison-for-four-months
Don Lemon: https://twitter.com/VigilantFox/status/1769869156038353081?s=20

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  1. Patrick McDevitt

    I have the same sense of loss listening to the testimony from the SCOTUS hearing as I did, with 40+ years’ experience as a professional scientist reading the scientific literature which was being published during the COVID affair. In the silence and pretzel logic of the justices is manifest the collapse of SCOTUS; the institution is corrupt and cannot function. This parallels the collapse of the scientific enterprises which once sought to discover and harness realities to improve human health. The COVID operation clearly shows that the tip and shaft of the “spear of healthcare” is aimed not at improvement of the human condition but rather at degrading the capacity of humans to exist in the natural world. Evidence of this is in plain site as multinational corporations zealously de-fund and silence whole fields of science, immunology, biochemistry and proteomics for example, which contradict the simple-minded binary hegemony of genetics, a branch of science easily bent to the creation of populations of fearful, hopeless subjects trapped with their own DNA by for-profit strategies and platforms disguised as medical therapy. The loss of trust is profound.


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