The “Defining Truth” book author addresses how he became a truth defender; the left’s cultural movements manipulation; Christians are paying dearly for redefinition by enemies; the left’s intentional historical lies; the positive influence of Christian/Judeo values; unchallenged lies continue to grow; the Christian church’s systematic removal from politics; the danger/evil of secular humanism; pastors shying away from political truths; Democrats’ shameful explosion over Pastor Jack Hibbs’ prayer before Congress; political issues are God’s issues; the Founding Fathers’ biblical government view; rebuking wokeness/how it invaded the church.

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Instagram: @defining_truth
X: @JosiahONeilCA

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Dear Gary,
    Thank You so much for your interview of Josiah O’Neil. You certainly picked a Patriot to speak with. I have often wondered how did we get here. The church has moved out of the way and Satan has taken over…as least it seems so.

    I don’t believe for one moment anything the left has to say because they are the devil and those who love God can’t be communists. For us God is very much alive. They can’t change our positions as long as we put God first. We are on the right side with you and against the culture wars.

    We shall always be a Christian Nation. So glad that Tik Tok is now banned. Donald J. Trump is having a very big influence on Americans. We are all fed up with Biden’s lies and corruption. I have never heard Biden quoting from the Bible. It is about time we kick out the evil and bring God into the Church again. We love Truth!

    Sincerely, Frances

    • Gary Binford

      Wonderful comments, Frances. I truly appreciate them and your dedication to We The People remaining free. Josiah brought the heat; that’s for sure. He speaks truth and is a voice that needs to be heard. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. Either people will look to God for sustenance or government, but not both. The left realizes this. That’s why they’re obsessed with removing God from our nation so big government can ride in and be our daddy. I say not in our America! Not on our watch. I know you agree. You’re a great patriot, Frances. Keep up the good fight!!!


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