“Over the Counter Sleep Aids are Useless for sleep…there is Limited evidence that any of them work…more concerning they are Sedating and Blunt Performance – That’s not what we are looking for in an Athlete..”

In this episode, we go back into the Krush Archives to revisit an all important conversation with Krush Favorite Dr. Charles Samuels, Medical Director at the Center for Sleep & Human Performance.

We discuss how sleep impacts brain function and learning, strategies for getting better sleep, and the pitfalls of using sleep aids over the counter or prescription. Also, we take a hard line when it comes to electronics and our sleep programs.

There are some powerful routines and strategies you can use right now to get a better sleep and get back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night.

An all-important episode of Krush Performance as we discuss strategies for better sleep.

Share this episode with your family, friends, teammates, and athlete because no one Does it along when you are Creating Coachable Players.

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