Context is defined as: “the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs.”

I use the concept of context all the time in our performance programming and its very important for a number of reasons.

When building programs for our athletes I call it Player Context.

Player Context is a picture in time that tells us where an athlete/player is at in relationship to where they have come from and considering where they are going or want to go.

And when it comes to analytics, statistics and athlete testing in sport Context becomes a critical part of the process.

We rarely – if ever – show our athletes their testing numbers. We may, from time to time, sit down with an athlete and show them a critical number or result and explain why its so important – good or bad – but for the most part we only share recommendations that come out of the testing numbers.

If we do decide to share numbers with an athlete,

We give the numbers context… clear context… and this is important.

This week on Krush Performance I share our approach to establishing Context, why we feel it is one of the most important aspects of Creating Coachable Players.

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