In sport there is a fine line between pushing the limits of performance and managing the risks of fatigue, burnout and injury.

It’s a balancing act and one that requires short term adjustments and Long-Term planning.

Its like a dance, moving smoothly between the rhythms of training and competition between work, recovery, and regeneration.

Every sport has its unique demands, and each athlete has their own personal and unique Performance Range that they must understand and manage.

I’ll discuss the variables you need to consider when building your programs and managing your athletes.

Variables like, Intensity, Volume, Movement Efficiency, Age & Growth among others.

I also share with you a very special model that will help you understand sport stress and athlete recovery.

And, we’ll look at how and why different sports, drills and exercise require different recovery times.

No matter what sport you play, no matter what level you play at, athlete and player management strategies are a critical part of reducing the risk of injury and maximizing in game performance.

We explain work and recovery in sport on this weeks episode of Krush Performance.

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