The Krush Theme for 2024 is…Perception…..

Perception and our understanding of perception may be the next critical step in pushing human performance forward.

I think that perception might be the very fabric on which human performance is weaved.

It has implications that go to the very roots of who we are, who we will become and how we function within our world and within in sport.

Understanding Perception and using it to your advantage may very well be the thing that puts you over the top in terms of performance.

We know that there are a myriad of factors that influence how we perceive things.

Here’s a thought for you, if we have a pretty good idea of the factors that influence perception, should we not then, be able to use this knowledge to help ourselves and those around us perceive better or in a certain way?

I think so, and I also think that this could be one of the most powerful skills you could ever have. Imagine being able to control your perception or influence your perception or your athlete’s perception when it comes to development and performance.

Perception – it’s a monstrous topic but I feel we are ready for it.

And we kick it all off on this week’s episode of Krush Performance.

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