We talk about the primary results, election integrity, Disease X, January 6th bombshells from Blaze Media, and so much more. Never let anyone take your freedom or your joy, and check the show notes for all the links you need! Much love, everyone.

Blaze Media: https://twitter.com/theblaze/status/1746974003317579834
An Odd COVID death: https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1747336785255121069
Disease X: https://twitter.com/JoshWalkos/status/1747416622271287327?s=20
Helpful Measels? https://twitter.com/catsscareme2021/status/1747371499470647467?s=20
Milei: https://voz.us/the-market-triumphs-milei-manages-to-improve-rent-prices-with-deregulatory-measures/?lang=en

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