The Number one Challenge people face?

When their Goals and Objectives, their Expectations don’t meet up with Reality.

That is a BIG Challenge.

Its frustrating, disheartening, discouraging…and TOTALLY AVOIDABLE!

On this Episode of Krush Performance we usher in 2024 with Krush Hall of Famer: the World’s #1 Coach of Champions, Jim Fannin.

There is no better way to kick off the New Year than a discussion on how to achieve your potential with one of the World’s … The World’s Top Performance Coach.

I’ve know Jim since the late ‘90’s and this will be his 9th straight Krush Performance New Year Kick off (had it not been for COVID this would be our 10th straight year with Jim as our first guest).

And for good reason.

He has helps thousands of people reach the pinnacle of their success in life, sport and business.

From the center court of Wimbledon, the diamond of the World Series, the fairways of Augusta, the gridiron of the Super Bowl to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500 Jim has coached the world top performers and now this week on Krush Performance just as he has for the past Nine Seasons, he is going to coach you (us).

I could not be prouder to be along for this ride as we kick off 2024 with one of the most powerful performance conversations yet.

“IF you have an abnormal dream – you have to think in an abnormal way – you can’t think like you’ve been thinking, and you can’t think like the normal person or you’re not going to reach that abnormal dream…. its not possible.”

This Episode is 100% for you. Share it if you would like but for now get yourself into a SCORE mindset here (Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, Enjoyment). Get your headphones, grab a drink and a pen & paper and get comfortable because I want you locked in for the next 45 minutes…why? I want you to have the best year you have ever had.

And I feel it might just start right here.

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