We have a great show today, and we interview CarnivoreJT about his cookbook and his Carnivore journey. It’s a super great interview from a different perspective about this lifestyle. Beanz unveiled her husbands 1 year carnivore transformation this weekend, and this is a great way to culminate the year and get people started on the right foot.

Check out the links below for information and where you can purchase JT’s awesome cookbook!

JT Twitter: https://twitter.com/carnivore_jt
Buy the cookbook: https://theinnercarnivore.com/product/the-carnivorous-cookbook/
The transformation thread: https://twitter.com/carnivore_jt/status/1744089176159789530
Will takes it home! https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1743688225791627675?s=20

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