Is there a difference between Highly Successful People and Highly Competitive People?

When you look at the research & data there appears to a difference – a very interesting difference.

Highly successful people are …well…MUCH more successful than highly competitive people.

The Question then must be WHY.

Why is it that Highly competitive people don’t necessarily make the ranks of highly successful people?

And what do Highly Successful people do that is different from their Highly Competitive counterparts?

It turns out the major difference lies in how they think.

Highly Successful people think and operate much differently than highly competitive people.

And to be clear highly successful people can also be highly competitive, in fact the majority are its almost a prerequisite, a key trait for becoming highly successful.

BUT Big difference is an important one – Highly successful people have figured out how to tame and channel their competitiveness and turn it into an advantage rather than letting that competitive nature take over and derail their intentions.

This is a common theme seen among highly successful people.

Could this also be one of the common themes among highly successful teams and organizations?

How exactly do they do this?

Well, that is exactly the question we intend to answer on this episode of Krush Performance.

And to help us do this we spoke with one of the Krush Hall of Fame Guests, Performance Specialist Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime.

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