Coach Belichick once said “Good Players can’t overcome bad coaching. Its impossible”

Great Quote and I agree 100%.

But just how much of a difference can good coaching make?

And then I guess we have to ask – what exactly IS good coaching?

The Great coaches and leaders clearly understand their strengths and they also know their weaknesses and they build a skilled team around them (assistant coaches, support staff and their players) so they are strong on all fronts. It’s a Trait/Skill of the great coaches.

And, just as it is important to understand how coaches really work, knowingly or unknowingly, there’s something called Coaching Bias and it’s happening everywhere all of the time whether you realize it or not.

This week on Krush performance we look at What Makes a Great Coach?

And, why changing coaches is Risky Business if you want to win Long Term.

The data and history tell us that the teams with fewer coaching changes are more successful PERIOD!!

The evidence is clear: Long-tenured head coaches have historically outperformed their shorter-tenured counterparts.

Analysis has shown that player performance, team performance, and coaching performance all improve as a coach’s tenure grows with a team.

The Smartest General Managers will seek to find the right coaches and let them stay put.

History has shown that even the most revered head coaches require a few years to settle in, but once they do, look out!

This stuff is VERY important to be aware of and not just for coaches – but for the athletes who are trying to make a team and the parents who are supporting their athletes through the developmental landscape.

No matter how you slice it the influence of a coach is SIGNIFICANT and the Longer you keep THE RIGHT COACH the more success you will have.

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