In a world where they say anything is possible you have to leave no stone unturned if you intend to make the unthinkable, the unlikely or the impossible…possible.

Sport Scientists proclaimed with all of their knowledge and might that humans would Never be able to run a 4-minute mile or a sub 2-hour marathon.

Done and Done.

There are many examples of things thought to be impossible that have been made possible.

But it takes something special to move the marker into uncharted waters, where no person has gone before.

And one of those special things is looking at things differently and looking everywhere you possibly can for inspiration, guidance and answers.

This week the final episode of our Three Part Looking Back to Learn Series we look to a very unlikely source for inspiration, guidance, and answers.

Would you ever think that a former mob boss could help us excel in the world of sport?

I’ll leave you to answer that question as I take you back to my incredible conversation with:

Michale Franzese former Mafia Boss for New York’s feared Columbo Crime FAMILY.

At his peak he was earning upwards of $8 million per week on illegal and legitimate business dealings.

He is ranked as one of the most powerful and wealthy mob bosses in history the biggest money earner since Al Capone.

This is an incredible conversation about crime, sport corruption and the unbelievable system the mafia used to generate, loyalty, fear, and money…lots and lots of money.

Sometimes you need to learn what not to do in order to nail down what you should do and this week we turn to a most unlikely and incredible source to learn more about human performance.

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