In sport there is real hardcore science that is shining light on areas of human performance and guiding us to a better understanding of athlete development and ultimately to new heights of achievement.

But the science is one thing. Knowing how to utilize it in the real world of athlete and player development and competition – well that’s a different thing.

This requires a `deep understanding of both the science and the ebb and flow of the sport performance world.

And that is an art.

Welcome to Episode Two of our Three part “Looking Back to Learn Series.”

This week we are looking back to a fantastic conversation with Investigative Reporter and Author David Epstein, as we discuss his New York Times #1 Bestseller and Krush Must Read Book,

“The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance”

We also talk with David about all his adventures and stories as he travelled the world collecting research and tracking down the content for this blockbuster book.

Get your Pen & Paper ready because if you are involved in sport at any capacity there is so much to learn.

This week our conversation with David Epstein about his Book “The Sports Gene.”

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