We always say look back to learn – look forward to plan – and make sure that right now you are in the moment.

It is the only way to operate if you want to be a top performer.

There is no question you need to learn and learning how to learn from your experiences, both good and bad, may be one of the greatest skills you can posses.

You also have to plan.

Being able to understand where you are currently at and where you want to go is another invaluable skill and being able to lay out clear and concise strategy for getting from point a to point B is something that can set you apart.

We can get so caught up focusing on outcomes and the what ifs of performance that it is easy to lose sight what is really important in practice and competition – The Process.

It’s the process that will ultimately lead you to success.

This Week on Krush Performance, Episode One of our Three Part “Looking Back Series.”

We go back a couple of years to one of my favorites conversations.

This interview was part of our Organizational and Team performance series, and it simply rocks.

I am proud to share once again our talk with Award Winning Journalist and Author, Joan Ryan as we discussed her Krush Must Read Bestselling Book,

“Intangibles: Unlocking the Science & Soul of Team Chemistry”.

· Does team chemistry actually exist?

· Is there scientific or mathematical proof?

· Is team chemistry as real and relevant as on-base percentages and wins above replacement?

In this episode we discover that the answer to all of the above is a resounding yes.

If you want to know how successful teams and organizations operate, this is a MUST LISTEN Interview!

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