When it comes to athlete programming, we have three top priorities that guide our entire approach to athlete training and player development:

· Injury Prevention

· Longevity

· Performance

In sport however there’s a problem.

We get caught up on Performance and more times than not stuck there… it’s a dangerous game to play if you want to make it to the top in the world of sport.

And unfortunately, its number two that often gets overlooked… Longevity.

Setting you or your athletes up for the long haul should be a top priority in every program and you have more influence on this than you might think.

It all starts with planning, I’ll explain.

And our brain’s love patterns. Patterns help us do whatever it is we do and the most simple and powerful patterns come in Three’s.

There is something powerful about the number 3. It’s a human thing.

I’ll show you how we use the power of three’s to help our athlete’s achieve in sport.

And it is the End of an Era:


There is a changing of the guard in professional sport we’ll have a look at the very last of the 70”s kids.

We’ll also break down:

· The average length of pro careers.

· The average player age in the major sports.

· And we’ll look at what we can learn from the seasoned veterans who have stood the test of time in a world where time is the greatest adversary.

Time is precious and this week on Krush Performance we look at Longevity in Sport.

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