At his top speed a certain National league hockey player would not be able to skate through a school zone without getting a speeding ticket…!

Hockey is the fastest show on ice, well the Fastest team show on ice anyway. I mean you have events like ice sailing, ice ski doo racing, even ice motor bike ice racing but in terms of human powered sport, hockey is fast & furious!!

The only other human powered ice sport that we might talk about is Speed Skating where the top competition speeds reach upwards of 34 mph /54.8kph.

This week on Krush Performance we look at performance in the game of Hockey and coming off our Tyranny of Talent show:

We take a quick look at how Late Developers

have become some of the Best Athletes to Ever Play Sports.

I share some great stories from the trenches as I worked with elite hockey players.

· We break down the hockey stride.

· Explain how Speed Skating and Sport Science impacted my approach to training Hockey Players.

· We look at the NHL’s top speeds and hardest shots.

· I share my game experience with some of hockey’s top players.

· And we’ll look at the NHL Krush Watch List as the hockey season gets underway.

Also, one of the conversations that has really taken off surrounds the area of talent ID and how literally terrible we are at predicting future performance and development.

We’ll look at late developers that went on to dominate their sports and why you just can’t quit if you really want to make it. It’s a long game.

This is a fun episode; I don’t usually get to share stories of working with my athletes, but they are so incredible and so many cool things have happened over the years I am glad I was able to share a few with you on this weeks episode of Krush Performance.

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