Environment is a big piece of the talent development puzzle and you have more control than you might realize – if you know what to look for.

What if I told you that more elite athletes come from a certain type of place than others?

What would you think of that.

And, if you think that may be true – what kind of place do you think produces more elite athletes than others??

· Could it be based on Socioeconomic Status?

· Or is it City Living vs Country Living?

· Small Town vs Huge Metropolis?

· Your proximity to facilities?

· All of the above?

This week on Krush Performance we look at the incredible influence your environment has on your development AND YOUR chances of Playing Professional/Elite Sport.

How do your parents and the people you have around you influence your development?

Could the size of the town you grow up in increase your odds of going pro?

And how does the location of where you grow up protect you from injury and improve your chances of playing elite sport?

Understanding the drawbacks and benefits of where you live is all part of sport when you think like an athlete.

And this week we break it all down on Krush Performance.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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