A few years back I was invited to lecture and teach coaches and work with athletes in New Zealand.

I had never been to New Zealand before, and I was very excited about this trip for a number of reasons.

I was fired up to check out some of the Lord of the Rings movie locations. I was also really looking forward to working with the coaches and athletes, sharing knowledge on athlete development and player performance but, to be honest with you, I was most excited about a possible visit with the All Blacks.

The All blacks are New Zealand’s National Rugby Union Team & they are touted as one of the most successful sporting organizations in the history of All of Sport and yes, I was lucky enough to spend time with them.

“Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time”

So, this week on Krush Performance:

  • In honour of the 2023 Rugby World Cup which is currently well underway in France
  • The game of Rugby
  • The All Blacks
  • And the power of Culture

We return to one of the top Krush Interviews ever recorded.

This week we revisit our conversation with James Kerr, Author of Legacy: What the All Blacks can Teach us about the Business of Life as we find out how and why “Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time.”

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