Early vs Late Developers – This is a very misunderstood part of athlete development.

In terms of athlete development and future performance:

Is it better to be an Early Developer OR is it better to be a Late Developer?

The athlete development data tells a very interesting story one group has an advantage and the numbers are massive.

We’ll discuss who makes it to the top levels of sport much more often and I speculate why these athletes wind up with a powerful advantage.

I also wanted to touch on another important topic that has been brought to the forefront of the sporting world by unfortunate circumstance – Aaron Rogers Achillies injury.

There is a lot of talk right now surrounding the Turf vs Natural Grass debate.

A debate that has been going on – well since the invent of artificial turf.

The NFL Players Association has been pushing for all grass fields for some time – their main platform…there are fewer injuries on grass.

Which surface is safer for athletes?

Who has the advantage Early or Late Developers and which surface is safer for sport Turf or Grass?

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