Fall is by far one of my favorite times of the year. Its my favorite season for a number of reasons.

And there is nothing quite like fall sports, there is so much going on.

So much to watch and so much to learn.

This is exactly why we watch sport with such great interest. There is plenty to learn from observing the highest levels of any game if you know what to look for.

This week I throw two questions your way:

First, I’d like to know what are you watching this fall and why? I share with you why I watch and what I’m watching for as fall sport gets underway.

And, my second question, do you think NFL players or professional athletes in general specialize early in their sports OR do you think they play multiple sports as they worked their way to the top of their game?

What do you think?

Is early specialization as bad as its made out to be or could it be the way to go?

The data tells a very clear story, you may be surprised.

We’ll break it down and get the facts as we talk fall sports and specialization on this week’s episode of Krush Performance.

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