Perception may very well be one of the most exciting areas for pushing human performance forward.

We have a great understanding of physical preparation for sport. There is not a lot we cannot train. If you want to get faster, stronger, or more powerful… done, done and done. If you want to improve bat speed or club head speed or improve your movement and agility…you got it.

We even have a good idea on how to train and improve your vision, gaze and tracking abilities.

What we do not do very well, what we are just starting to understand is how you perceive your environment and your place in that environment.

There is a new age of athlete development approaching, for too long have we relied on the age-old coach led approach to learning and performance. While there is a place for that style of development, we are about to time warp to new heights of development and performance, and it all lies within the concept of perception, vision and implicit learning.

This week on Krush Performance we explain it all as we are joined with Krush Favorite Tim Nicely, Founder of V-Flex Technologies Inc. and V-Flex Sports.

We’ll do our best to explain this exciting new approach to human performance and we’ll describe implicit training, how it actually works and why it may be the key to it all.

Its breakthrough sport science as we talk Perception and Vision on this week’s episode of Krush Performance.

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