Ask and You shall receive…well I asked you for your questions, your comments and your smart remarks and you let me have it – BIG TIME.

Messages and questions from all over the world, incredible.

But there were some themes that emerged and one that grabbed my attention revolved around the process I go through when I am programming for my athletes. I love it.

You asked so let’s do it.

On this weeks Episode of Krush Performance an Episode of Creating Coachable Players as I take you through the process I use when I start working with an athlete. The planning, the theory and the science that drives our programming.

My job, as a performance coach and athlete development specialist, is to apply the rules of sport science in order to create coachable players. To create athletic abilities/athletic performance that translates into players who are more coachable. Players who can execute and do what the coaches need them to do so they can develop and progress in the sport specific setting.

Its all built around our Foundations of Development and our Top 5 Priorities for Performance:

1) Sleep, Rest & Recovery

2) Nutrition & Hydration

3) Posture & Range of Motion

4) Movement

5) The Brain Game

We lay them all out and discuss each one as we explore my approach and system for athlete programing.

Do we know how good you can become?


But can we find out?

You bet, if you just go through the process of Creating Coachable Players and by Thinking Like an Athlete.

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