Data, Data and More Data.

Is your testing helping or hindering athlete development and player performance?

Technology has opened the flood gates of possibility in the world of athlete testing and evaluation. You can now easily collect hundreds of data points on your athletes or teams, thousands even and you can now do it in real time, in the live sport setting.

But how much of that data and information is actually useful?

My guess, only a very small percentage.

The key to effectively evaluating and testing your athletes lays within how well you can apply the data and information you gain from the testing.

If you can’t apply it in the real world of sport – if it doesn’t have meaning in the trenches of practice or competition – what good is it??

This week on Krush Performance we talk with Dr. Carmine Filice, Founder & Director of The Performance Lab in Toronto, Canada.

Carm has worked at the highest levels of sport, treating, evaluating, and guiding athletes and organizations in the areas of health and performance. With a reputation for his superior diagnostic capabilities Carm and his team are on the cutting edge of athlete assessment and testing for both rehabilitation and performance.

· When should you test?

· What should you test?

· How do you apply the Data?

· And, maybe most important, how should you present testing information to your athletes?

We address all of these questions and much more as we Crunch The Data on this weeks episode of Krush Performance.

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