The Long Game of Development

There is an Ebb & Flow to athlete & player development and kind of like a surfer who knows how to catch that wave just right – when you do you can really enjoy the ride.

This week on Krush Performance its an Episode of Creating Coachable Players as we talk the long game of athlete development – because it is a long game.

Human development not this clean and clear linear line of progress – it is a full on – HOT MESS!

And this holds true in sport as well, its is a messy, all over the place, read & react world.

However, if you know what it looks like and if you know what to do, you can really make a difference.

You can not only influence performance right now but you can raise an athletes ceiling of potential for the long haul… and this would be my wish for anyone who’s chasing down a dream.

No matter if you are an athlete, coach or parent you need to understand the long game of development and when you do, things can get really really interesting.

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