Perception is defined as:

“A way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something – a mental impression.”

Perception is a monster topic that has profound implications in the world of human development and performance.

Our perception is largely based on sensory input: vision, sound, touch, taste, smell, social interactions…. and then it gets complex.

To help us break open the conversation, we talk with Krush Hall of Famer, Dr. Martin Mrazik, clinical neuropsychologist, professor at the University of Alberta and Co-Founder of Elite Athlete Services.

We discuss brain function and the biological basis and psychological basis for how we perceive situations and the world around us.

Once we have a basic image or impression based on sensory input the brain adds more components to it and this is where the complexity comes in.

The three broad things the brain adds once we have that initial image, sound or impression are:

· Attention & Focus

· Our State of Arousal

· Our Memories & Experiences

Its very powerful when you add these three elements into your perception system and how you perceive the world around you. They round out and complete how you perceive your world and that is very unique to you – it can be different for everyone.

This week on Krush Performance we dare to enter the rabbit hole that is “Perception.”

Understanding the basic concepts of this huge complex topic are crucial in the areas of human performance, development and for coaching, teaching, and mentoring.

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