We always say that we are here to get you thinking about things you may not have thought about before or maybe things that you have not thought about in a good long while.

That street runs both ways – as much as we want to get you thinking, you get us thinking about things as well.

At its root, this is a very important concept in the world of human performance – the sharing of information and also the sharing of opinions on the information that is being shared.

This week the sharing continues as we dive into the Krush In-Box to answer some of your questions.

And there are some GREAT questions.

· We’ll talk pain tolerance and perception and changing your perception, your athletes & players’ perception.

· We’ll discuss coaching and coaching strategies that you can use to aid learning, skill acquisition, and overall athlete and player development.

· And, I get asked a question I have been waiting for – for 18 years. I never imagined that it would take this long to get this question but here it is after 18 years on the air and it conjures up a very important conversation.

It’s you and me as we dive into the Krush Mailbox to answer your questions this week on Krush Performance.

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