At any given time in any sport – if you were to sit in on a team or organizational meeting there is one thing you would be guaranteed to hear… a discussion on injuries.

It is one of the constant issues in sport & at all levels of sport.

Unfortunately, the biggest conversations on this topic tend to happen most often at the biggest levels of the game – in pro sports.

And Right now it is one of the biggest conversations in Major League Baseball.

This week we look at the injury issues in sport with a look at the rising injury rates in the game of baseball.

At the 75 game mark of the 2023 season it has been reported that elbow injuries are up 27% year over year and shoulder Injuries are up 41%.

Those are BIG BIG numbers and reason for Big concern.

For me it all comes down Problem Solving…

Understanding injuries and Injury prevention comes full circle to a conversation we have with each and every athlete, team & organization we work with – problem solving.

In order to solve any problem, you must first understand the problem and I mean really understand it from every possible angle.

I always say, “A problem accurately defined is already partially solved.”

This is the first step in problem solving.

In Baseball, when it comes to the injuries that plague the game, especially the elbow & shoulder injures we have to look to the usual suspects:

– Workloads

– Velocity

– And the New Kid on the Block who is Getting PLENTY of Attention – The Pitch Clock.

We break it all down and work to find answers on this weeks episode of Krush Performance.

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