It is a heated one today! Frank and Beanz are back and they take on the great vaccine debate from over the weekend, where a controversy broke out on Twitter regarding the safety of ALL vaccination. Centered around COVID, this discussion gets heated… Make sure to read the materials in the show notes, and share this show with your friends.

Why Immunity:
Peter Hotez:
Vaccine’s for Parasites?
Misinformation Disguised as Fear Porn:
Cleveland Clinic:
Contaminents in the Shots:

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  1. Stephanie Diehl

    Here is my take on Trump and how I wish he would “clarify” his position on vaccines. He never, ever, advocated for them being compelled/leveraged for the Orwellian totalitarian bullshit that went down. From his perspective in Jan 2020, and in the face of the “facts” being presented by the experts that were supposed to support HIS decision making, lots of Americans were gonna die under the status quo. He also knew that lots of Americans would also die if we kept the economy shut down indefinitely—those deaths would occur more slowly/cruelly as the economy collapsed and the inflation triggered by the desperate spending to save it, pushed more and more families/people into deep poverty/homelessness. The mere availability (vice compulsion etc.) of a vaccine created the trade space to balance those interests. What if the “scientists” had been wrong the other way? What if it wasn’t 2 million Americans likely to die, but $20M? Faced with a reality like that, individual choices on taking an experimental vaccine might change—which is ok—so long as those choices remain the individuals! And that those choices are meaningful/informed by current, accurate and complete information.Not coerced by the heavy hand of big govt or to the economical interests of an effectively captured/low real competition industry. I think Trump sees/understands the totality of the “risk board” like that and looking at the landscape of issues/risks the nations was facing, I can’t credibly say that fast tracking a vaccine was a bad idea. Botching the implementation by withholding material/relevant and highly germane info and seeing to coerce compliance via a myriad of oppressive (and at times disgusting ) measures is not something I think I have ever heard Trump endorse/indicate he approved of. Don’t forget the bureaucracy INTERNALLY fought him every step of the way—if fucking something up would make him take political hits, the chances of a fuck up occurring materially increased.


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