One of the top reasons players do not reach their true potential is…Injuries.

One of the top reason younger players drop out of sport…Injuries.

When you look at the big picture of sport performance and player and athlete development, injury prevention has to be King.

This week on Krush Performance we talk about injury prevention strategies and that incredible multi-discipline player and athlete performance team that exists in professional sport.

We get a look behind the curtains of one the top teams in the NHL as we talk with TD Forss: Head Athletic Therapist for the Edmonton Oilers about some of the strategies they use to track their players and help keep everyone healthy and on the ice.

And, we’ll ask TD what advice he has for developmental and youth athletes and their families as they work their way through the sporting landscape.

I’ll review some of the strategies we use to prepare our athletes for the demands of sport, not just for maximum performance but also for maximum recovery.

This is an important conversation to have at this time, especially with the historically high injury rates we are experiencing in virtually every sport and at every level of sport.
The bottom line is…you have to Prepare for Your Sport!

We cover it on this week’s episode of Krush Performance.

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