Are you Coachable?

How do you go about helping yourself, your players, and athletes become more coachable?

This week on Krush Performance, we lay it all out for you.

We define what “Being Coachable” means and how we go about setting up our athletes and players to become more coachable.

It’s a true team effort, and that team includes the athlete, the coach, the organization, and the parents.

Every member of the team has to be on the same page, and they must understand the process of athlete and player development – this is often where the system breaks down.

So, in this episode, we ask some important questions:
· If you are an athlete – are you coachable?
· If you are a coach – are your players coachable?
· If you are a parent – is your child as an athlete or player coachable?

And, I will share with you what I feel is the MOST Critical Question that needs to be asked and answered if you are going to have any hope of reaching your potential in sport…or anywhere for that matter.

The whole process is actually quite fascinating and this is where it all starts….are you coachable?

If you look at athlete or player development, no matter your sport or what level you compete at, there are fundamentals of development that if addressed properly can push your performance to new heights.

And frankly it’s just NOT that complicated.

SO…. This week let’s have a look.

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