This week on Krush Performance it’s episode number 2 of our return series “Back From a Broken Heart”.

After hearing Episode 1, I’m sure you understand why we have so many questions and we want answers.

Questions like:
– How does chronic Pain contribute to having a heart attack?
– Why is Back Pain so common & how should you deal with it?
– Is cardiovascular disease the number one killer on the planet?
– And are we doing enough to prevent it?
– Do you know your risk factors, the signs & symptoms of heart disease? We’ll talk about it.

Also, what women need to know – Ladies you have fewer heart attacks than men but a much lower survival rate – WHY? What you learn here could save your life. And should you be carrying aspirin? We find out who should be and how can it help in an emergency.

So many Questions – so few Answers…

This week we are digging for answers as we talk with some of the world’s top experts in back pain, neurosurgery and heart disease right here on Krush Performance.

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