It’s a Monday roundup with a few bits of comedy sprinkled in, because we would go insane otherwise. First, a huge announcement from Beanz, as she will be hosting the red carpet with The Highwire team for the premier of “Plandemic 3” in TX first week of June! You can find information about how to watch in the show notes. Then, the Cleveland Clinic has released a study about the efficacy of boosters, and boy are heads spinning. Then it’s immigration and “how liberal are you?” from which we move to what NY is doing to veterans housed in hotels. We close it up with a clip from Comer talking about how 9 of the 10 “whistleblowers” who have come forward with information about the Biden crime family are either in court, in jail, or…missing.. Don’t miss todays packed show!

Check out the Plandemic 3 film:
Happy Mothers Day!
Another clip:
Cleveland Clinic:

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